This body-slimming applicator is infused with an all-natural botanical formula that is absorbed through the skin, and by a special, unique process, breaks down fat cells and pulls the toxins out of our cells. It is designed to detoxify our body and tighten, firm, and tone our skin. Also works as an anti-inflammatory and improves cellulite, stretch marks, and over-all skin appearance. The applicator is worn for a minimum of 45 minutes and actually continues to process for 72 hours after it is removed. Everybody’s skin processes differently. Some medications store in your cells for a long time and it may take longer to process. This is a healthy cleanse for your body. You are actually feeding your body something healthy!You can put the applicator on any part of your body to spot reduce and see immediate lasting results.Retail$99/LC $59
Most of the same ingredients are in the Defining Gel as in the applicator, just not as strong. Use this to maintain and keep your body tight, firm, and toned in between using the applicators. Some results include diminished cellulite, reduction in age spots, plus it hydrates and keeps your skin looking great!
Retail $79 LC $45 
Stress, junk food, and fatty foods all cause an acidic environment and is a set-up for disease and aging.” The Greens contains 38 herbs and nutrient-rich “super foods.” It’s like getting 8 servings of fruits and vegetables. Helps to alkalize, balance and detoxify the body to fight whatever comes your way. When your body is alkalized and balanced, it improves your immune system to help fight aging and many diseases. “Helps the good bacteria in our body to fight infection.” Stops cravings. The Greens is great for kids! Use 2 – 4 scoops a day. You can mix it in juice or just water, it tastes that good!
Retail $55 LC $33 Greens on the Go-Retail $59 LC $35

Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors:
Prevents fat absorption.” Fight the fat simply, naturally, and effectively with Fat Fighter. This is a vegetable-based product that absorbs some of the fat and carbs from meals. It literally fights the fat by keeping a portion of the fat you eat in a meal from even getting into your system. Take one or two 15- 60 minutes after you eat a high-fat meal and it immediately starts to absorb some of that fat, up to 1/3 of it is removed from your body so it is not stored as fat. It helps your body balance cholesterol levels. The HDL good cholesterol is increased while the bad cholesterol is decreased, with overall total cholesterol decreasing and balancing. Also boosts metabolism and has ingredients to help your body balance blood sugar so you don’t get the junk food cravings. The overall result is you don’t store fat in your body. It’s been proven to help diabetics lower their blood sugar! Wait one hour after taking Fat Fighter before taking any other products.
Retail $33 LC $23

A unique approach to ideal weight and energy balancing. This is a naturally-based thermogenic weight loss formula. They have taken some of nature’s best ingredients to suppress appetite and help your body to release fat and burn calories more efficiently through thermogenesis, the rate at which we burn calories. Some ingredients include, Raspberry Keytones, Acai Berries, Vitamin B12, and Capsimax.  This comboniation with help bring your body into balance energy-wise without that increase in heart rate. Picks up your metabolism and energy levels, has antioxidant benefits, and also helps to curb appetite and burn more calories.  Retail $59 LC $39 

Whey protein, and soy protein isolate through an advanced technology filtration process to ensure High Biological Value protein. Helps reduce the LDL cholesterol levels and maintain HDL levels in healthy individuals. Profit has a unique blend of seven soluble and insoluble fibers to help keep you fuller longer and promote healthy digestion, and a cutting edge blend of enzymes which helps break down long and short chain peptides. This helps the body release more amino acids directly to the muscles, allowing you to increase muscle size strength, and lean body mass with less protein and fewer calories. Has an antioxidant blend of super-foods which enhance the body’s ability to support immune system health. Each scoop contains 14g of protein, 5g carbs, and <1g sugar Retail $99 LC $69  


Lip and Eye Cream

Lifting Lip & Eye Cream:
Bye-bye laugh lines! The Lifting Lip & Eye Cream uses beautifying botanicals to lift and rejuvenate the areas around the lips and eyes while visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s made with all natural active ingredients and goes on silky-smooth. Now that’s something to smile about! Retail $59 LC $39   
Stand strong against stress, the number one enemy of your immune system!” Confianza is a blend of nutrients designed to help improve your muscle’s performance, recovery after exercise, even increase confidence. Some of the herbs contained in Confianza will actually help your brain to function better to have clearer, more focused thoughts. Helps to eliminate mental, physical, and emotional stress, plus helps with ADHD problems in adults!
Retail $45 LC $25

Facial Applicator 

Actually tones, tightens, and lifts your face. See a reduction in puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Intense anti-aging benefits. Your face will be glowing after this wonderful facial!