Become a Distributor:

In order to sell the Ultimate Body Applicators, you have to become a distributor. To become a Distributor CLICK HERE.
 Right now there is a special for $99 after that it is $199. That includes a box of wraps (4 in a box) and all of your marketing material. As a distributor, your cost for a box of wraps is $59. You can cancel your distribution at any time without any cancelation fees.

-Your goal is to sign 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days to receive $120 in free product.

-For every 2 loyal customers you sign you are able to buy a box of applicators for $25. These are called “applicator rewards” and will soon be available to redeem on your website.

- You will get $100 bonus for every Distributor you enroll that signs 2 loyal customers in their first 30 days. (Fast Start Bonus)

-You will make 15% commission on every loyal customer directly enrolled under you. You will also make 5-15% commission on every distributor you enroll (and their loyal customers!) based on where they are beneath you.

As a Distributor you need:

An 80BV(Bonus Volume) auto ship each month or monthly order volume of 400BV.  This is the equivalent to approximately $80-$109 worth of product each month. The auto ship or personal order volume will qualify you for commission and bonus. If your auto ship is  below 80BV, or your personal order volume is below 400BV you do not get paid.  I always recommend getting wraps for your autoship, because you will need them for wrap parties. (Wraps are @ $25/each at wrap parties)

 You will also need an eOffice, which is your personal website and "e-suite"($20). It is all set up by the company. Your e-suite is where you will enroll your customers, distributors, and where prospects can go to order directly. It is a necessity to run your business, and it also has all of your training videos and documents to help you begin your journey.

 It will cost about $100-$129 a month to run your business. However, remember most of that is in product that you can turn around and sell to make your money back.


What we commit to you as a Distributor:

Training videos and aides to help you reach your goals.

Weekly conference calls that will help you understand and grow your business.

Money! I promise you that if you work hard and follow the steps to success outlined in your kit and training, you will make money. When you reach the level of Diamond, you will begin making approximately $1,500-2,000 the first month, with residual income building each month. Once the Diamond bonuses start kicking in, this number will grow substantially.

We have a Facebook page where you can go and post questions, get suggestions, tips, etc... to help you run your business.

There are also periodic training sessions offered to help you understand the business and products more.

Last, you receive updates, tips, advice, and training materials from me and our network of distributors.

Whats in the Distributor kit?

-          A box of Ulitimate Body Applicators (one pack of 4 wraps)

-          It Works! Portfolio will sample marketing material, and a guide to get started       

-           One FREE month of your personal website to start your business