Body Applicator Instructions 

Take a hot shower first – make sure skin is clean and pours are open. No lotions or perfumes on your skin before you wrap. Do not use soaps with lanolin (example-Dove, Caress, Lever 2000) they tend to clog pores. (If you are in an area where you are unable to shower, you can wipe skin with witch hazel or alcohol before applying wrap.)

STEP 2: Apply the lotion side of the Applicator to skin, and smooth it out on desired area of body.

Secure applicator in place with Saran wrap, ace bandage or tight clothing (biker shorts/tight sports shirt).  This will hold applicator so the wrap doesn’t slide off.

STEP 4: Wear for at least 45min (can wear up to 8 hours) - The goal is to have as much of the product absorbed as possible. You can also sleep with the wrap if you choose. Avoid sweating. Do not work out or do anything else that will make you sweat while you are wearing the wrap.

STEP 5:  Rub residue into your skin after you remove the wrap.
Do not wash it off.

STEP 6: Drink plenty of water – ½ your body weight in ounces the day you wrap and 3 days following.

(Example): If you weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 ounces of water a day)


AVOID salty foods, foods high in sodium (for 72 hours after wrapping) - this will avoid retention of water to enable the release of toxins

AVOID sugar, artificial sweeteners and alcohol (for 72 hours after wrapping) -Fat cells absorb glucose (sugar). We want to avoid this happening during the detox process. Artificial sweeteners will also hinder results

AVOID wrapping during menstrual cycle- during your menstrual cycle you retain water. You want to expel the maximum amount of toxins, and you retain water during that time of the month

AVOID using additional applicators for 72 hours - anything more is a waste. Most people apply one wrap every 5-7 days.  

                        What to Expect

You’ll see results!

The Ultimate Applicator is successful for the majority of user the very first time it is used.

• Botanically-based formula will deliver you maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.

• Skin will look hydrated, more youthful, with improved appearance of body contouring and cellulite. 

What if little or nothing happens?

Although most begin to see improvements after the first application, some may take up to 3-4 applications to achieve optimal results. Those who are on medications and/or who have toxic systems may fit in this category.

Everyone’s body is different, and if you have small or clogged pores it can affect your ability to see results with the Ultimate Body Applicator. If you have small or clogged pores, we recommend that you use our Cleanser Gel to remove impurities from the skin as well as an exfoliator to help remove any dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores and preventing you from absorbing the lotion formula.

If your diet or lifestyle is unhealthy, you may also bloat at first because the buildup of toxins is being released. Drinking lots of water will assist in removing these toxins and help you start seeing results.

The Regular, Greens, and Vital supplements can aid in the detoxification process as well. Using these supplements can help you achieve better results with the Ultimate Body Applicator because the nutrients they contain will allow your body to remove toxins more efficiently.

With The Ultimate Body Applicator, results are progressive. With each treatment you will be more pleased with your results. Your skin will look and feel smoother, younger, more toned, and tightened. A once a week application is recommended for continuous, progressive results and for ongoing maintenance. The more consistent and diligent you are in applying the Ultimate Applicators the better the results!

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